I. Calorimeter - Bomb
      Junker's Gas
      Peroxide, Adiabatic
  II. Redwood Viscometers No. 1 & 2
  III. Viscometers - Engler, Saybolt, Flow Cups, Tar E. V. T.
  IV. Flash Point Apparatus - Penskay Cleveland, Abel, Tag
  V. Cloud & Pour Point Apparatus
  VI. Carbon Reside Apparatus - Conradson, Rams - Bottom
  VII. Distillation Apparatus
  VIII. Standard Penetrometer
  IX. Softening Point Apparatus
  X. Centrifuges Oil Testing
  XI. Copper Strip Corrosion Test Apparatus
  XII. Reid Vapour Pressure Apparatus
  XIII. Oxidation Test Apparatus - Transformer Oil
        - Lubricating Oil
        - Gasoline
        - Grease
  XIV. Aniline Point Apparatus
  XV. Petroleum Hydrometers
  XVI. Rust Preventing Characteristic of Steam Turbine Oil
  XVII. Freezing Point of Aviation Fuels
  XVIII. Bath of Existent Gum for 5 Tests
  XIX. Crude Tar Distillation Apparatus
  XX. Karl Fisher Apparatus
  XXI. Silver Corrosion by Aviation Fuels
  XXII. Stability for Steam Turbine Oils
  XXIII. Estimation of Emulsion Test of Cutting Oils
  XXIV. Estimation of Neutralisation Value
  XXV. Estimation of Bromine Number
  XXVI. Union calorimeter
  XXVII. Colour comparator & Discs
  XXVIII. Kinematic Viscosity Bath for 'U' Tube Viscometers
  XXIX. Oil Content of Petroleum Waxes
  XXX. Electrical Strength Tester


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